My Story

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know and understand me a little better.

So who am I?

I am a devoted Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Registered Nurse, Realtor, Real Estate Advocate, Landlord, Business owner, Cancer ‘Thriver’ ……and friend.

I am truly passionate about helping others seek the life they want and embrace the power of positivity. 

WHAT do you do?

I help people!!! (buy and sell homes) and I think the best way to really understand ‘what’ I do, is to start with my WHY’S.

WHY do you do what you do?  (The pillars of my true passions)

I love helping people – it’s simple but true. At the age of 17  in the UK I started my Nursing career, as I have always loved to help and serve others in whatever capacity I can. 

I love houses-!!  Real estate has always been a passion of mine and so moving to Canada and seeing the way it works here, as a service industry , it was the perfect match.

I still love the thrill of looking through houses, and I have the ability to continue this passion by helping others find theirs!  

Whether it be driven by economy (i.e stopping renting/not paying someone else’s mortgage), investment or  lifestyle, big or small I do it all. 

I love positivity, (and the world of positive psychology) and even after living through the experience of having breast cancer, including surgery, chemo and radiation, I love to use my positivity and specialized knowledge to help, guide and inspire others in their life and health, lifestyle and homes.

Connection- I love connecting and building relationships. I love being a Brit in Canada and I love to connect and share experiences with fellow Brits and help them with the transition. 

We live in Canada and even though it is in an English speaking county and part of the commonwealth, there are still many differences, some are innocuous and subtle but others can be quite big, which includes transacting in Real Estate, and so I aim to educate and bridge the gap. I also run a Brits in Business Meet up group, to help support Brits in Business in Calgary and across Canada.


I would probably start this answer with WHY NOT!

As mentioned my passion is helping people find the homes they are dreaming of, right now….

But as we know this changes and so then I am asked to list their property.....and I always want to deliver as much value as possible.

I firmly believe Sotheby’s is by far the best, as it truly gives a qualitative advantage for Local, National and International exposure, at absolutely no extra cost to our clients.

Sotheby's philosophy is based on professionalism and excellence,  and one of their deep seated quotes is ‘Luxury is not a price point, it's an experience'.

Sotheby's International Realty, is truly a collaborative network and one of the only companies that gives us access to trusted, knowledgeable professionals across the world, so again all I would say is, why not!